Which One Are You?

What is your favorite part about the Christmas season? Do you enjoy the Christmas lights? What about the Christmas songs you’ve listened to since you were a kid? I don’t know about you, but I love the gifts part! I’m not very good at giving but I’m awesome at receiving.


In scripture, Jesus is described as a gift to the world that has to be received. God breaks it down really simple. In the book of John in verse 11 and 12 He says that people didn’t receive Him because they didn’t recognize Him and the other people received Him.


So, we have two categories of people in this world that you can fall under. Number one: People who do not receive Jesus. Number two: People who receive Jesus.


You might think, “why does it matter?” Well the difference between the two people is answered in verse 12. The result for those who receive Jesus is the right to become children of God. You could say that really fast and not fully understand the weight of that statement. What this is saying is that if you receive Jesus, you will become a son or daughter of the creator of the universe. You will be adopted into his family, spending eternity with him in heaven. Apart from Jesus though this is not possible.


People think you can be somewhere between the two categories of people I listed above. However, God doesn’t look at you like that. There are two things you can do with Jesus in your lifetime. Receive or not.


God gives you the freedom to choose Him regardless of your past or whatever situation you’re in right now. He loves you enough to die for you, what you do with that is up to you.options-700x250


Dad of The Year

Who is the first person you think of when you think of a father? As soon as you heard that word you thought of someone. Regardless if you have a biological father, someone most likely served as a father figure in your life.


Something that has been on my mind lately is me not having an accurate view of God. It’s easy for me to think of God as a being that is distant from me, someone who doesn’t care about my anxiety and worries. Maybe I can think of God as someone who is in control of the universe but looks at me as not important and a lowly being.


Today, I want to give you an accurate view of who God is!


In Matthew 6:9, Jesus is teaching his disciples how to pray. And although the entire passage is very important, I just want to focus on the second line of it. As Jesus is starting off this prayer, he teaches us how to address God correctly. It reads, “Our Father in heaven.”


You may know this as the start of the Lord’s prayer, therefore, it can become mundane and phrases like this can be looked over without really understanding them.


What Jesus is saying is that God is a father. He is the perfect father. He created you to bear His image. The relationship that you can have with your earthly father is nothing compared to your heavenly father. Through the sacrificial death of his son Jesus he allowed you free access to him. If you’ve trusted in Christ, when God, the creator of the universe looks at you, He sees His Son. His child. Perfect. Holy and blameless.


So as you go through life and face trials and difficulties and you begin to develop a false picture of God, remember that because of Jesus, God loves you unconditionally. He will never leave you regardless of how you feel but because he is faithful. You are his child and nothing can separate you from the love of God that is shown through His Son Jesus.18j38g7cr6968gif

Good News! Part 2


To be completely honest, I don’t know if I could’ve actually allowed the guy in my last post to kill me and not my friend! That would’ve been a hard decision.


I understand the title of this blog is “Good News” and I plan on actually letting you know what I mean by that in this post!


When you look at us humans and our history here on this earth you can’t miss that we aren’t the best people. I would argue that our world is corrupt and broken even down to every person. God created everyone to have a relationship with him, and without that we can never fulfill our true purpose here on this earth. In fact, the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from having a relationship with him cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, when people don’t have that relationship they will try and fill that spot with other things.


So why can’t everyone just have a relationship with God and call it good? One of the reasons is that God is holy and so good that we as corrupt and bad people could never by ourselves be in his presence.


So how on earth do we have a relationship with him if we can’t even get in his presence?


What had to happen was that somebody had to take our place on the judgement seat for all the bad stuff we’ve ever done and ever will. Since everyone is subject to judgement, everyone would be rightly paid for what they did wrong. Therefore, this person who would take our place would have to be perfect, never committing anything wrong, or “sinless.”


The person’s name is Jesus. The extraordinary thing about Jesus was that he was God in the flesh. Yes. God who took on the flesh of a human. He was God’s son but another cool thing about Jesus was that he was perfect. He died on a wooden cross like us sinful humans should all be subject to and rose 3 days later. When he came back to life he proved that what he said about himself was true and that he was God. And that death had no hold over him.


With that being said, a relationship with God is only found through Jesus. It is only through Jesus that we could ever be in his presence. That’s how bad God wanted that relationship with you. Without him dying for you, you would be separated from him forever. He loves you so much because through trusting in what Jesus did you can come into a right relationship with him. He just wants you to trust in him!

Good News! Part 1.

Picture this… You’re walking down a street in your hometown with your best friend. It’s a nice sunny day with a temperature of about 75 degrees. You and your friend are talking about your latest hobby when all of a sudden three black vans put up all around you cornering you both in the middle of the street. You two are trapped and have nowhere to go. Then hops out of the middle van a seven-foot guy in a ski mask! He has a loaded AK-47 and starts yelling orders at you. While you’re already scared out of your mind he points the barrel directly at you and gives you a choice.


He says he has to kill one of you. Yes you heard that right, he has to shoot only one of you. He gives you the choice of 1) killing you and letting your friend live or 2) killing your friend and letting you live.


Why on earth would he give you those choices only? What did you ever do to these guys? Could you not bride him with money? Maybe offer to leave town and never come back? Maybe offer someone else as the sacrifice?


Thoughts of you dying and living without your friend and flooding your mind and you can’t even think straight. He gives you 30 seconds to decide and if you don’t he promises to kill you both.


I’m sure you have made up your mind already. If you haven’t then good because who in the world would want to imagine that scenario.


Next week we will look into a similar situation in scripture in which God had to make the same decision.


What’s Your Love Language?

which-love-language-do-you-speakHave you ever taken the time to figure out what your love language is? If so, what is it? Are you words of affirmation? What about quality time? Believe it or not, God has a love language and He wants you to know it through His word!


In scripture, we see lots of different commands and I’m sure you’re familiar with them. However, in the book of John, God reveals His love language through talking about his commands! It says, “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.”


I believe God has just revealed his love language to us! It’s to keep his commands. God loves when you obey what He says, and He even promises to love you and show himself to you if you do! What a promise that is!


Picture a dad or a mom. When you were growing up and one of them asked you not to do something or to do something, how many times did you just rebel against what they said? How many times did you obey and do what they wanted you to do? How did the results for you differ? Did they like the fact that you obeyed them or did they show you they didn’t because you completely rebelled against them?


The same is with God. Of course, if you have a relationship with Christ, God looks at you as His child who is perfect and loves you unconditionally! However, He still loves when you obey Him and do what He says!

Communicating With The Creator 2.0

Have you ever asked for something and knew beforehand that you would receive it?


Two weeks ago I wrote about communicating with the Creator of the universe and how God truly cares about what’s going on in your life and how he wants you to communicate with him. Well I have found something just as cool!


Jesus was talking to his followers one day and he makes a promise. He says “If you remain in me and my words remains in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”


Isn’t that crazy?? Not only does he care about what you need in this life but God also cares about what you want! However, he says, “if you remain in me.”


What this means is when you begin to follow Jesus, his wants become your wants and his desires becomes your desires. Not that you have to conform or anything but because you realize how much  better and fulfilling they are than your own. A lot of people get it twisted and think if you want to follow Jesus you have to do all these different things. And that’s not true! If you trust in him, he will change you from the inside out!


When we realize that we can truly understand what this means! If you follow Jesus and you trust in him with your life, he will give you what you want. He will fulfill every need because he works everything for the good of those who love him!

Get Behind Me!

We all remember Peter, one of Jesus’ followers I referred to in my very first blog. I want to tell you of another story in which Peter was corrected in the way he was thinking.


As Jesus was walking with his followers, He turns to them and predicts a situation that was going to unfold later which was Jesus’ death. Yes! Jesus knew that He was going to have to die on a cross to satisfy the wrath of God that we deserve.


When Peter heard this, he took Jesus aside and began to tell him he shouldn’t do it and that he was essentially wrong for saying something like that. This is when Jesus replied, “Get behind me, Satan!” When I first read this I couldn’t believe the words that Jesus said! Ultimately, what he meant by it was that Peter didn’t know what was best for Jesus. Peter didn’t realize that what Jesus was about to do was going to help him in the long run.


In your life and in mine, we all have people that don’t know what is best for us. Yet, we still keep them around and allow them to influence our actions. What if we didn’t allow them to influence our lives and actually thought and acted in a way in which you believe? How crazy that change in your life could be! If Jesus would’ve allowed Peter to influence him not to go and die on the cross, then you and I wouldn’t be able to have a relationship with God! I’m thankful that he didn’t allow Peter to influence him!